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Only serious guest writers who firstly add value for the readers are accepted. Please go over the details below before submitting your pitch.

Criteria for eligibility and editorial guidelines

Following are our expectations for guest writers as well as our editorial guidelines. Remember that we manually review every guest post submission.

  • Minimum word-count: 1500 words is the minimum, although longer articles are encouraged.
  • Well-written: High-quality, actionable, valuable, easy-to-read, and with few to no grammatical errors are the primary requirements for guest posts on our blog. Currently, we only accept articles in English.
  • Heading structure: A proper heading structure (h2, h3, h4, etc.) and short paragraphs make the article more readable.
  • No plagiarism: Each guest post needs to be original. We never republish anything that is identical to content found on other websites.
  • Optimized for SEO: If you can write and optimize your guest posts for a keyword that readers are actively searching for, that's a significant benefit.
  • Internal linking: Another thing we consider is your ability to add internal links to relevant pages, such as other posts on our blog.
  • External links: Links to relevant, high-authority external sources are completely fine. However, if your article is only focused on promoting one specific thing and provides little value to our readers, we will probably not publish it.
  • Include graphics: Articles become more engaging when they have visual elements like screenshots and images. Put some visuals in your article if it's a guide, how-to, or just generally.

Are self-promotions allowed?

Of course it is. We want to add value to you too. This is why our guest blogging program provides our guest writers with numerous benefits and opportunities to promote themselves. Below, you'll find some of them:

1. Your author page

As a guest writer at SocialPlus, you get your own unique author page where you can add the following: Your name, a short bio, links to your website, and socials.

How an author page looks on the SocialPlus blog

2. Guest posts (author block)

On all of your guest posts, we also display an author block with your name, brief bio, and an internal link to your author page (as seen above).

How an author is featured on a post on the SocialPlus blog

3. Pages optimized for SEO

For maximum visibility, all of our pages have lightning-fast loading times and are search engine optimized.

Topics of interest

Keep in mind that our blog is meant mainly for readers who are working to grow and optimize their online presence. This could be content creators, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, marketers, and so on. As a result, we can only accept guest posts that are relevant for this audience.

For our ideal guest writers, there are still a ton of fascinating topics to write about. The topics that we allow on our blog are listed below:

1. Social media marketing

This includes everything related to the biggest social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. A few ideas for guest posts here could be:

  • Leveraging Instagram Stories for Ecommerce Growth
  • Social Media Advertising on a Budget: Tips for Small Businesses
  • Influencer Marketing: Strategies for Success in 2023
  • Instagram for Business: Strategies to Drive Engagement and Sales
  • In-depth guides on how to use specific features available on the platform. For example: Instagram Live, Stories, Shopping
  • How to optimize ones profile and content for maximum reach
  • News about the platforms, statistics, etc.
  • .. and the list goes on!

2. Let's Talk Business (Ecommerce, Search Engines, Online Marketing, etc.)

This category covers everything else that doesn’t fit into one of our social media marketing topics. Ideas for guest posts here could be:

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How guest blogging works

Guest blogging is a great way to share your expertise and publish your articles on other websites to help build your own online presence.

Step 1
Send us your pitch

The process of becoming a guest writer at SocialPlus begins with sending us a guest post pitch. Before you do that, please review our editorial guidelines and eligibility criteria above.

Step 2
We'll review it

Once we receive your pitch, our team will manually review it within 2–5 business days. If you’re approved, you’ll get access to a private group for faster responses.

Step 3
Create your author page

Next up, we’ll create your own unique author page with the information you provide us. This page shows all guest posts published by you and provides an opportunity to promote yourself and link to your own website and socials.

Step 4
We publish your posts

Once that’s all set up, we can publish your guest posts on our blog. With access to our private group, we can review and approve additional guest post ideas from you faster. We value guest writers who publish frequently.

⚡️ Send us your pitch

Below, you’ll find more information on how to become a guest writer at SocialPlus. We look forward to working with you!

Before sending us your pitch:
  1. Please see our topics of interest, editorial guidelines, and eligibility criteria above.
  2. Upload your Word-document somewhere it can be viewed in the browser (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) and add a link to it in your email.
Submit your pitch

We’ll review and respond to all serious applicants within 2–5 business days. If accepted, you will get access to a private group for faster responses.

Email us

In order for your pitch to be properly received, please leave the subject unchanged.

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Please reach out if you have any inquiries about joining as a guest writer or if you'd like our opinion on a subject before you start writing. No matter what, we're here to help all serious guest writers!

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