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Up to 50% Commission

Industry-leading commission rates

Rich on Features

Maximize your earnings

Dedicated Support

We are always here to help you improve

Fast Payments

Get paid on time, always

Why us

How does it work?

Our industry leading affiliate program are for those who are interested in promoting our high quality services to likeminded marketers, content creators and businesses around the world. In doing so, you can earn a passive income from all the sales your referrals generate for life!

You can promote our services on forums, social media or your own website, as well as other channels. Only your creativity sets the limits!

How does it work?
Why us

Get paid on time

You can request new withdrawals once your approved earnings exceed a minimum of $100,00. We make payments through Wire transfer, Payoneer and others. You can also request the earnings to your SocialPlus account balance, which can be used to pay for our services.

Once you submit your withdrawal request, we will process it within 12-24 hours. You can track the progress of your withdrawal request on the affiliate dashboard.

Get paid on time
Why us

Rich on Features

We are one of the only websites in the industry, who develops industry-leading features such as our Rank (SERP) Tracker, Keyword Planner, Growth Courses and much more!

All of this, combined with our high quality promotions gives our users an unprecedented advantage compared to the rest. This also gives you as our affiliate, an amazing opportunity when promoting our services, as you can highlight our many features.

Rich on Features
Why us

Why SocialPlus

Choosing SocialPlus should be an easy choice. Our team has more than 10 years of experience combined. We have been involved with Instagram ever since its launch back in 2011, and YouTube all the way back in 2010.

This means that we have an extensive understanding of how their algorithms has changed through the years, and what it takes to rank, and grow on these platforms today. This allows us to provide the resources your referrals need to get the best results, which helps you earn more over time.

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Why SocialPlus
Why us

Track your Progress 🚀

With our custom-built dashboard, you have everything you need in one place. Keep track of your progress, earnings, statistics and discover new growth opportunities!

Our team consists of some of the leading marketers, and developers in the industry. This means we are always in the loop, and can provide the best possible services.

Track your Progress 🚀
Why us

Is it safe to use?

Yes! Our services are perfectly safe to use, and does not put our users’ accounts or content at risk. We will never ask for their login credentials to their social media accounts.

We only use the safest promotion methods – unlike many others. Anyone can use SocialPlus to buy high quality promotions, even for others. This means that if action were taken, you could in theory get anyone banned. You can learn more about this in the link below.

Keeping users' account safe
Is it safe to use?
Why us

Fast, Secure & Easy Checkout

We use a balance-based checkout experience to enable our users to place orders faster. This means our users do not have to spend 2-5 minutes entering credit- or debit card details every single time, just to pay for one order.

Instead, users can add funds to their SocialPlus account balance (“wallet”) through secure and trusted payment methods.

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Fast, Secure & Easy Checkout
Why us

Responsive on all devices

We understand the importance of having a responsive platform in today’s digital age. This will increase conversion rates, and bring better results for you, as well as us.

Responsiveness on all devices is one of our core principles. We always consider this when launching new features, to ensure that our users will have the best possible experience.

Responsive on all devices
Why us

Time to get serious?

Getting started as an affiliate with SocialPlus is fast and easy. Simply sign up for free, and request access to the affiliate features by contacting us with relevant information, such as your channels and expected volumes.

Upon gaining access to the affiliate dashboard, you will have your unique link available, along with statistics to keep track of your sales and progress. Simply share your unique link on your channels, and start gaining referrals. We look forward to work with you, and help you earn more from your channels.

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Time to get serious?
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any questions? This is a good place to start.
How long is the approval time?

The approval time of orders placed by your referrals is set to 35 days. After this period has elapsed your order will either be approved or denied depending on its status.

What does your commission tiers look like?

We offer up to 50% commission rates for those of our affiliates earning above $1.000 in a consecutive 30 day period. Default rates starts at 30% for normal orders. This can also vary depending on the service or product the customer is purchasing.

How are commissions calculated?

Your commissions are calculated as a percentage of the order total (excl. transaction fees, taxes etc.)

Do I continue to earn commissions from my referrals?

Absolutely! Unlike most other affiliate programs in our industry, we offer continuous commissions for every single order that one of your referrals place with us. Once your referrals register a free account using your affiliate link, their account will be automatically added as your referral. This has several benefits compared to cookie-tracking, which most other affiliate programs use.

Cookies can expire, or users can use another device - meaning that you would lose out on commissions on those sites in the long run! We dislike this approach as it cheats you as an affiliate. As an affiliate on SocialPlus you will always continue to earn commissions from orders placed by your referrals.

Why was my referrals order denied?

Most of our affiliates have a very high approval rate of orders, so this should not happen often. Your approval rate also depends on how you promote our services.

How do I find my affiliate link?

Once your affiliate application has been approved, you will have access to this on our dashboard. Also remember that you can add the parameter ?utm_affiliate=[id] to any of our links. So if you wish to link to our homepage it would look like:[id]

When can I request withdrawals of my approved earnings?

You can request a withdrawal of your approved earnings once it exceeds the minimum amount of $100.00. Available payment methods are Payoneer, Wire transfer, credits to your SocialPlus account balance and more.

Can I get a unique promo code?

Absolutely! You are free to request a promo code from us to assist you with promoting our services. Please contact us If you would like to discuss this.

Still have questions?

See our Knowledge base
Up to 50% Commission

Industry-leading commission rates

Rich on Features

Maximize your earnings

Dedicated Support

We are always here to help you improve

Fast Payments

Get paid on time, always

Are you ready?

Create your free account now, and get started earning a passive income from your traffic.

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Customer Reviews

Are you curious to hear what some of our customers have said about us? Check out some of their stories below.

Sylvia Ruback rated us 5 stars.
SocialPlus is a total must have
SocialPlus is a total must have! High retention, quality followers, and fairly quick delivery! Overall I am very pleased and will keep using this platforms service!
Sylvia Ruback
Jan 04, 2021
Rebecca Diaz rated us 5 stars.
I have grown my IG account more than I ever..
I'm a real customer who's been using SocialPlus for a few months and I would never switch the other companies I was using before this site. The customer service is great. I have grown my IG account more than I ever did with other companies that invested so much money in and very little results. I use my IG for business, I have gained so many views, engagement, and real followers and it's helped my business. If you're on the defense on trying SocialPlus, take it from me a very happy customer, give them a try!
Rebecca Diaz
Jan 08, 2021
Wendy rated us 5 stars.
I love how the followers
I love how the followers you receive are top quality and their followers don’t drop much with time unlike other companies where the followers drop quickly and dramatically!
Dec 30, 2020
NaomiG rated us 4 stars.
This was so incredibly easy
This was so incredibly easy to do and straightforward. It is my first time and the easy to use website had all the information I needed to make the best decision for my account.
Dec 18, 2020
Katie rated us 5 stars.
I’ve been all over the place..
I’ve been all over the place trying to find a trustworthy website I could grow my Instagram with and after a few fails I came across Social Plus! I was so please with the fast and easy service and they have so many options to choose from. Since discovering social plus it has been my go to tool!
Dec 29, 2020
Marc Edwards rated us 5 stars.
This has been by far..
This has been by far one of the most organized, professional, & easy going Instagram like/etc. sites I have ever been to! Blessings to y’all !!!! GREAT SERVICE
Marc Edwards
Jan 14, 2021
Courtney Rodriguez rated us 4 stars.
I’m a huge fan of this website!
I’m a huge fan of this website! The views are high quality compared to many others - and no drops! I have been using SocialPlus for a few months now to rank my videos on YouTube works really well. They’ve been a great help for me. I would absolutely recommend this place for high quality engagement and tips to grow your audience.
Courtney Rodriguez
Sep 04, 2021
Dennis Hale rated us 5 stars.
What most people don’t seem to understand
What most people don’t seem to understand when buying Instagram followers, and similar services, is that they are buying increased visibility, which, if used correctly, can get you crazy amounts of organic traffic to build a fan base of engaged followers. That is its true powers.
Dennis Hale
Jan 27, 2021
Graham Harris rated us 5 stars.
Easy to maneuver
I recently started using social plus and I love it. Great company since it’s easy to maneuver.
Graham Harris
Dec 29, 2020
morgan ice rated us 4 stars.
I am beyond impressed with SocialPlus
I started my experience with SocialPlus by chatting with an online helper to see if the so-called "free trial" was legit. (...) I have been SO skeptical of other websites supposedly "similar" to SocialPlus, but none compare. (…) I am beyond impressed with SocialPlus and I'm so excited to use it in the future.
morgan ice
Jan 02, 2021
Aisha Sakkary rated us 5 stars.
Honestly I've been looking for the best packages prices on the internet, socialplus is just a perfect choice! Worked immediately!
Aisha Sakkary
Jan 12, 2021
Chey rated us 4 stars.
This site ISNT like the others
I originally gave a bad rating for slow service. Luckily, my issues were taken care of by Adam. I received all likes that I paid for and even though it wasn’t as fast as I had wanted, this site ISNT like the others. Others may give you tons of likes, and at fast speed but those likes do drop and the profiles of people are very fake looking. For authentic likes and good service this is definitely the place.
Oct 26, 2020
Bee rated us 5 stars.
Legit site, great experience
Legit site, great experience. With so many such online companies around, even I was worried but everything was better than expected. Jeff from chat is very helpful.
Dec 03, 2020
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