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Do you have a free trial?

Absolutely! We are one of the very few in the industry who offers a free trial for all new legitimate users. We add more than US$1.000+ in free credits to new users every month. Why would we do this, you might ask? Because we are confident that you will see the value of our services and choose to become a paying customer. If not, no hard feelings.

To claim the $5.00 free credits, you need to register a free SocialPlus account. After registration, simply contact our support representatives to claim the free trial. Once approved, the credits will be added to your balance. We urge you not to abuse this offer! Any attempts to register multiple accounts or similar will be denied and will result in your social media account(s) being permanently blocked from our networks!

Is it safe to use?

Yes! We would not be around for as long as we have if our services were not safe to use. Our thousands of repeat-customers are a testament to this. Despite what a few inexperienced people might say, our high-quality promotions will never put your account or content at risk. Period.

We only use the safest promotion methods — unlike many others. Anyone can use SocialPlus to buy high-quality promotions, even for others. This means that if action were taken you could in theory get anyone banned. We encourage you to read more about keeping your account safe by only using safe and trustworthy services that do not require your login details.

Why do I need more engagement?

Improving your engagement ratio with our Instagram likes, views and relevant comments can help your profile and content appear in front of more targeted users related to your niche in feeds, searches and similar. This can be valuable for your growth as more organic impressions could convert to new engaged followers if your profile and content provides value.

Nobody wants to be among the first to follow or engage with someone new. Algorithms are also less likely to promote posts with little engagement (popularity). This is how buying engagement can help you attract more engaging followers to sustain your growth.

Are you the cheapest option?

As an industry leader, we do not aim to be the cheapest option available as this typically indicates poor quality. Our focus is on providing the highest quality services possible to competitive pricing. We believe users are willing to pay a little extra to see better and sustained results.

Furthermore, you will find a lot of information and features on our platform that our competitors do not come close to match. All of this provides you the most value possible to help serious content creators, marketers and businesses grow faster and increase their revenue.

Are the followers targeted to my niche?

Realistically you cannot simply buy 1,000 targeted and/or engaging followers for less than $20. Attracting and retaining engaging followers depends entirely on your content, and the value it provides to users.

We know that most of our so-called competitors like to say differently on their websites, but in reality they cannot live up to their promises. Perhaps you have already tried some of them? We believe in a more upfront approach. Furthermore, the quality and retention rate of our services are among the best in the industry.

So why would anyone buy followers if they aren’t targeted? For two very simple reasons:

  1. It helps build social proof and encourages others to follow you as well. Think of it like this: You just discovered an artist on Instagram but he only has 10 followers. Would you want to follow him? Unlikely. However, if the profile already had thousands of followers you would not be as hesitant to join as well.
  2. We also encourage you to use our affordable engagement promotions for Instagram such as likes, views and comments. These are very helpful to improve your organic reach/impressions. Having thousands of followers and little engagement would not encourage people to follow you either. Buying engagement to compliment followers also has the benefit that your posts are more likely to reach targeted users with legitimate interests in your content. This is because algorithms favor popular posts in feeds, searches and recommendations. These organic impressions could in return convert to more engaging followers.

This is how our services should be used to boost your reach (rankings) and attract more engaging followers to grow and scale.

Do you need my password?

Never! We will never ask for your login credentials to your social media accounts. This ensures that your account and content are safe – and with no risks of being banned. Unlike many others, we only use the safest promotion methods. We encourage you to read more about keeping your account safe by only using safe and trustworthy services that do not require your login details.

How fast is the delivery speed?

All orders placed on our website will begin processing right after placing the order. The delivery speed varies depending on the service or package you ordered, as well as network activity, orders already in progress and other factors. All orders will continue delivering until completed.

How can this help me grow on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines, and they are also owned by Google. People are more likely to engage with videos compared to text. This means big opportunities for serious content creators, marketers and even businesses! Did you know that YouTube videos can also appear in Google Search results?

Imagine that your video ranked #1 on a keyword with 10,000+ monthly searches. This would send targeted organic traffic (for free) every single month to your video, channel – and if you really know what you're doing – your website. These traffic sources are great for selling products on your website, building up an e-mail or newsletter list and so on. The opportunities are endless with the right perspective! We provide you with the high-quality promotions and insights to rank your videos higher through affordable and safe promotions only! All you need to focus on is creating high-quality content that keeps viewers engaged to beat your competition.

If you need help to understand the many ranking factors, how to improve your videos retention rates and much more we encourage you to read our YouTube Growth Courses for a lot of valuable insights.

Why choose SocialPlus?

Choosing SocialPlus should be an easy choice. We believe in taking an honest approach with all of our loyal customers. This means informing our users of all the different aspects of growth, and proper usage of our services. We have been involved with Instagram since its launch in 2011 and YouTube all the way back in 2010.

All this combined gives us the opportunity to provide the most value possible for serious and promising content creators, brands, and others looking to increase their presence to grow faster in record time. Most of our competitors do not even come close to matching the features and quality of our platform.

Can I place multiple orders for the same post at once?

As long as you are ordering two different services such as likes and comments for the same post you can do this. If you attempt to place two orders for likes on the same post before the previous order is completed we will show an alert that explains why you should wait for the previous order to complete. This is because only one order can be processed for the same post and service at a time. Choosing to proceed anyway could cause further delays for your latest order.

My order has not started yet. What should I do?

If your order takes longer than usual to start or reflect, we encourage you to check the following before contacting us:

  1. The order details were entered correctly, and you selected the correct add-ons (if any).
  2. The profile or content is publicly available and meets the guidelines specified prior to ordering.
  3. Check if there are any technical difficulties on Instagram or YouTube using Downdetector.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes.

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Fast Delivery

Fast delivery on 99.99% orders*

Safe to use

No Passwords & 30-Day Guarantee*

Chat Support

We are always here to help you

Secure Payments

Pay using secure payment methods

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