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Why us

Build authority instantly.

You need people to see your content if you want to grow on Instagram, increase your sales, and gain more active followers. Ask yourself this: Would you follow or interact with someone who only has 20 followers? Probably not. This is how buying followers and engagement will help you establish authority, also known as social proof, which accelerates your growth.

Instagram’s algorithm favors profiles and content with high engagement in feeds, searches, and suggestions. On the other hand, if you lack authority, your content will be pushed to the bottom. This is, in fact, why most struggle to grow and gain traction. SocialPlus can help you turn this around.

Growth tips for Instagram
Build authority instantly.
Is it safe to use?
Why us

Is it safe to use?

Yes! We've been in business for a very long time, and our many returning customers are getting fantastic results – without breaking the bank. In addition, unlike most others, we only use the safest promotion methods. Anyone can use SocialPlus, even to promote someone else's profile.

Most importantly, we will never ask for your Instagram login information. Your account's security is important to us. We know you put a lot of effort into your profile and content. Avoid using any services that ask for your Instagram password. See more about safeguarding your Instagram account below.

Keep your account safe
Why us

What makes us different.

Choosing SocialPlus should be an easy choice. Our team has more than 10 years of combined experience with social media marketing and search engine optimization. We are proud to have helped many of the now-thriving content creators and brands in overcoming their initial struggles to gain traction on Instagram since 2011, and YouTube all the way back from 2010.

As a result, we have an extensive understanding of how algorithms work, how they have evolved, and what it takes to rank higher and succeed on these platforms today. Our team shares all the top strategies, insights, and tips for ranking and audience growth so that you can achieve success faster.

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What makes us different.
Kickstart your Organic Growth Now.
Why us

Kickstart your Organic Growth Now.

To grow, you need to increase your visibility. This is where most fail, as everyone are competing for the same attention – meaning you need to be creative, and create helpful, and valuable content for your target audience, to stand out from the rest.

With the help of our industry-leading promotion networks, you can increase your engagement on Instagram quickly, establish authority, and do so at a low cost. More people see your content as a result, increasing organic impressions and the possibility of gaining new, engaged followers from your target audience increases.

Growth tips

Why Instagram is worthwhile.

Instagram is the most downloaded app in the world and currently boasts more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is especially popular with the younger audience. This makes it very attractive for businesses, content creators, and marketers who are trying to reach this particular demographic.

Americans spend 30.1 minutes on average per day on Instagram, somewhat less than the 45.6 minutes they spend on YouTube, according to a 2022 survey. With the help of SocialPlus, you can unlock the full potential of both Instagram and YouTube and grow even quicker.

Why Instagram is worthwhile.
Short-form content

Instagram primarily focuses on short-form content in contrast to YouTube. Because of this, creating content for your audience and niche is usually less expensive and time-consuming.

Connect with your audience

Businesses, marketers, and content creators love Instagram because it helps them easily connect with their target audience and grow an active, engaged customer base.

Searchable content

Stop waiting to go viral. Search-optimize your handle, profile name, bio, and more with your keywords. For posts, make sure to use relevant hashtags and keywords in the caption, not the comments, to be found in search.

Free organic traffic

When you rank at the top of search results and feeds in your niche on Instagram, it creates a never-ending cycle of free organic traffic and engagement that will help kick-start your organic growth.

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Customer Stories

Are you curious to hear what some of our customers have said about us? Check out some of their stories below.

SocialPlus is a total must have
SocialPlus is a total must have! High retention, quality followers, and fairly quick delivery! Overall I am very pleased and will keep using this platforms service!
Sylvia Ruback
I have grown my IG account more than I ever..
I'm a real customer who's been using SocialPlus for a few months and I would never switch the other companies I was using before this site. The customer service is great. I have grown my IG account more than I ever did with other companies that invested so much money in and very little results. I use my IG for business, I have gained so many views, engagement, and real followers and it's helped my business. If you're on the defense on trying SocialPlus, take it from me a very happy customer, give them a try!
Rebecca Diaz
I love how the followers
I love how the followers you receive are top quality and their followers don’t drop much with time unlike other companies where the followers drop quickly and dramatically!
This was so incredibly easy
This was so incredibly easy to do and straightforward. It is my first time and the easy to use website had all the information I needed to make the best decision for my account.
I’ve been all over the place..
I’ve been all over the place trying to find a trustworthy website I could grow my Instagram with and after a few fails I came across Social Plus! I was so please with the fast and easy service and they have so many options to choose from. Since discovering social plus it has been my go to tool!
This has been by far..
This has been by far one of the most organized, professional, & easy going Instagram like/etc. sites I have ever been to! Blessings to y’all !!!! GREAT SERVICE
Marc Edwards
I’m a huge fan of this website!
I’m a huge fan of this website! The views are high quality compared to many others - and no drops! I have been using SocialPlus for a few months now to rank my videos on YouTube works really well. They’ve been a great help for me. I would absolutely recommend this place for high quality engagement and tips to grow your audience.
Courtney Rodriguez
What most people don’t seem to understand
What most people don’t seem to understand when buying Instagram followers, and similar services, is that they are buying increased visibility, which, if used correctly, can get you crazy amounts of organic traffic to build a fan base of engaged followers. That is its true powers.
Dennis Hale
Easy to maneuver
I recently started using social plus and I love it. Great company since it’s easy to maneuver.
Graham Harris
I am beyond impressed with SocialPlus
I started my experience with SocialPlus by chatting with an online helper to see if the so-called "free trial" was legit. (...) I have been SO skeptical of other websites supposedly "similar" to SocialPlus, but none compare. (…) I am beyond impressed with SocialPlus and I'm so excited to use it in the future.
morgan ice
Honestly I've been looking for the best packages prices on the internet, socialplus is just a perfect choice! Worked immediately!
Aisha Sakkary
This site ISNT like the others
I originally gave a bad rating for slow service. Luckily, my issues were taken care of by Adam. I received all likes that I paid for and even though it wasn’t as fast as I had wanted, this site ISNT like the others. Others may give you tons of likes, and at fast speed but those likes do drop and the profiles of people are very fake looking. For authentic likes and good service this is definitely the place.
Legit site, great experience
Legit site, great experience. With so many such online companies around, even I was worried but everything was better than expected. Jeff from chat is very helpful.
When I started using this website..
When I started using this website a month ago my profile only had around 300 followers, and very low engagement. The people behind Social Plus taught me how that I could use their services to help increase my engagement statistics, and get real followers. Their support and service is top quality!
Kathryn Wilson
This is a great all-in-one tool
This is a great all-in-one tool for all your marketing purposes. We have been using SocialPlus for 12+ months. Simple to use, and they are very professional, also their support staff. 10/10
Janien Bijkerk
You simply can’t go wrong
You simply can’t go wrong by choosing SocialPlus. I have tried a lot of similar websites, but none of them can compete with SocialPlus in terms of quality of followers, likes and the views.
Tiffany B.
I have been able to rank on competitive keywords..
As a YouTuber starting out, I have found the High retention views, likes and comments extremely helpful for my growth. I have been able to rank on competitive keywords, thanks to Social Plus. My videos are getting a more organic views and engagement as a result.
Mimi Reese
The BEST! I was so nervous..
The BEST! I was so nervous starting out but it is a great way to get started and boost your account quick! 1000% recommended!
Liam sampson
The service is so reliable
The service is so reliable, perfect super fast and are likes are real!
The customer service was very helpful
The customer service was very helpful, very well organized!
Anakin Blitz
It’s so amazinggggg!
It’s so amazinggggg! This is an honest review. They gave me 50 subs for free with my trial! It was amazing. They gave it in a pace which means not too fast or slow. I love social plus and I can’t wait to use it to grow my channel!!!!!! LOVE THIS SERVICE SO MUCHHHHH.
Riley Raincry
I had an issue with adding funds initially..
I had an issue with adding funds initially but I contacted customer service and I got good support from them. I was given $5 as a new customer which I use for promotion on my channel I like that they let me know the progress of my order especially when it's completed. I have used social plus for views and likes and have a high retention rate.
Abiola Akinremi
Social Plus is awesome
Social Plus is awesome. The results are quick and the website is user friendly. It takes customer service a while to get back to you but they are very friendly and understanding. I will definitely recommend them to my friends!
Ashley Spriggins
Fast service, you can try a free trial
Fast service, you can try a free trial and the quality of the profile are better than most pages.
Hugo Javier Bueno Abate
the service is fast!
the service is fast! Customer service is pretty good even though they were busy for live chat they replied me with email! I general I'm satisfied
Tina Soltanian
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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore what it is that makes SocialPlus the top choice for buying Instagram likes – and how our unrivaled quality and reliability will boost your growth.

Growth tips General

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes and engagement of the highest quality from SocialPlus sets your account and content up for future success. Here are some of the key advantages those buying likes can expect to see:

  • It significantly improves your odds of the Instagram algorithm pushing your content in front of the right audience in feeds, the explore page, hashtags, and even search results – perhaps its most important selling point.
  • Results in more organic engagement and followers to drive your further growth. When people see that your content is already popular, they are far more likely to engage as well.
  • Trying to build engagement manually as a new authority is next to impossible, and takes weeks, or even months for any significant results. Buying likes gets the ball rolling safely and affordably.

This is why buying high-quality likes is the most cost-effective and safe way to increase your brand awareness, conversions, and organic engagement. You can also buy Instagram followers from SocialPlus to boost your profiles’ credibility, and significantly increase conversions.

Growth tips Content strategy

Does content quality still matter when buying likes?

Yes – without a doubt! People decide to engage with content and follow someone for a reason. You always need to focus on making your content valuable and relevant for your target audience in order to keep growing. If you are able to do this, buying likes and engagement will help take your growth to the next level a lot faster than otherwise possible.

Getting started General

Do you have a free trial before I buy Instagram likes?

You bet we do! We value our long-lasting market position as the frontrunner and leader of the highest quality Instagram likes on the market, friendly support, and last but not least, affordable prices.

There aren’t many like SocialPlus who are confident enough in their quality of services to be willing to go as far as offering all new legitimate users a $5 free trial. Everything we do here at SocialPlus is to provide as much value as possible to our loyal customers – to enable them to accomplish their social media goals quicker.

However, we fully understand that some people prefer a free and risk-free trial to determine if our services are right for them, before becoming one of our thousands of monthly happy, returning and paying customers.

Getting started General

Can I buy Instagram likes for Reels and IGTV?

Absolutely! Reels and IGTV are two very popular content formats on Instagram. When buying likes from SocialPlus you are also able to promote these posts hassle free.

Note: IGTV was discontinued as of October 2021.

Getting started General

Is SocialPlus the cheapest on the market?

At SocialPlus we will never strive to be the cheapest option for buying Instagram likes as this typically indicates poor quality – and ultimately, poor results for whomever using such low-quality services.

Instead, we focus entirely on providing the highest quality services possible to competitive pricing. When you factor in the increased quality of our services, compared to the rest, our pricing remains very affordable.

To top it off, you will find a lot of growth tips and features on our platform that our competitors are nowhere near of matching. All of this provides you with the most value possible.

Getting started General

Can someone tell I bought Instagram likes?

Not unless you decide to tell them yourself. When you buy Instagram likes from SocialPlus it is always safe, fast, and convenient. In addition, we always respect your privacy and security – unlike most others.

All we need to deliver high-quality likes is your public username, and link(s) to the post(s). At SocialPlus we will never ask you to give us your Instagram account password – if you ever come across anyone asking for this, you should avoid them at all costs.

Getting started General

Can I split the likes to multiple posts?

Yes – we have made it simple and easy to split the likes to multiple posts. You can even split the likes to different types of posts, such as normal photos or videos, Reels and more – all in one order.

Account security General

Do you need my password?

Not in a lifetime! Buying likes from SocialPlus will always be safe and straightforward. The only information we need from you is your public username, and the link(s) to the post(s) that you would like to promote – it really is that simple.

Friendly reminder: If you ever come across a company, or anyone for that matter, who asks for your private Instagram account details and/or password we urge you to be very cautious – or better yet, avoid it entirely.

Payments & billing General

What are the acceptable payment methods?

We have designed our platform in a way that enables you to buy Instagram likes securely and quickly – so you do not waste any time. You can pay with all major credit- or debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. In addition, we also accept cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and many others!

All payments are processed through secure third party payment methods – meaning that no sensitive financial information is entered on our website when you buy likes and engagement from SocialPlus.

Getting started General

Can I set my profile to private?

No – your profile and content must be accessible and unrestricted for others to view, and like your posts. Once the order is marked as complete, you can switch your profile back to private again if you wish.

Getting started General

Can I be banned for buying Instagram likes?

As long as you buy Instagram likes from a reputable, experienced, and high-quality source like SocialPlus, your account, or content for that matter will never be in such risks. We only use the safest promotion methods to deliver likes of the highest quality – unlike most others. In addition, we do not require your login credentials – and we never will.

Essentially what this means is that anyone can buy likes for any publicly available profile or post, including yours. Think of it like this: If Instagram banned or even shadow-banned (as some like to believe) accounts for buying likes and engagement, everyone would just be buying likes for their competitors to get rid of them. Most of us will know that this is not plausible.

Payments & billing General

What is your refund policy?

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. This is why SocialPlus offers one of the most generous refund policies on the market – also when buying likes. First, our platform automatically validates your username, and links when you order from us, to avoid any typos or spelling mistakes.

In addition, once your order is placed, and if any delivery issues remains, our system will automatically return the credits to your account balance, so you can correct the issue and order again.

Finally – if this is still not enough, we even go as far as refunding orders fully or partially to your SocialPlus account if we fail to complete it within our 30-days-guarantee in accordance with our terms of use.

Payments & billing General

Do you offer discounts on larger orders?

When you buy Instagram likes from SocialPlus, we always have amazing deals applied to our packages by default. It is simple – the bigger a package you choose, the more you save. All discounts are clearly visible to help you make the best decision for your budget. If you would like to place an order for likes that exceeds the volumes of our packages above, please contact us directly.

Still have questions?

Our knowledge base helps you find answers on a wide range of topics quickly.

See our Knowledge base

How to buy Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes of the highest quality has never been safer or easier, thanks to SocialPlus. Check out the steps below to see how simple it is.

Step 1

1. Choose package

Explore our unrivaled Instagram likes packages of the highest quality above. Choose one that best suits your needs and click on “Buy now” to proceed. Bonus tip: We have big discounts applied to our larger packages – giving you the best deals.

Step 2

2. Order details

This step is quick and straightforward. Provide basic order information so we can fulfill your order and send likes to the right posts. Rest assured – you'll NEVER have to share your Instagram password with us!

Step 3

3. New here?

You only have to register a SocialPlus account once. It is completely free to do and takes less than a minute. This will give you access to all of our features, and enables you to easily track your orders – all in one place, saving you a lot of time.

Step 4

4. Pay securely

Pay with credit- or debit card and/or cryptocurrency through your SocialPlus account balance. No sensitive financial data is being input through our website. All this helps you place orders in the safest and fastest way possible.

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Learn why big and small creators use SocialPlus
Learn why big and small creators use SocialPlus

Discover why 50,000+ Loyal Customers count on SocialPlus to help them improve their brand awareness, rankings, growth, reach, and sales — quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. We can help you too!

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