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Learn everything you need to know about how buying comments and engagement can help fast track your organic growth.

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How to buy Instagram comments?

Discover just how easy and straightforward it is to buy Instagram comments of the highest quality and relevance from SocialPlus.

1. Choose package

View our cost-effective packages for top-quality Instagram comments above. To continue, simply choose a suitable option for your needs and click on “Buy now”. Extra bonus: We have amazing discounts on our bigger packages.

2. Order details

All we need to deliver comments is the link(s) to the posts you want to promote. Yes – it really is that simple with SocialPlus! Don’t worry, we will never ask for your Instagram account password.

3. Pay securely

Pay with credit- or debit card and/or cryptocurrency through your SocialPlus account balance. No sensitive financial data is being input through our website. All this helps you place orders in the safest and fastest way possible.

4. See the results

Once you place a new order, it's swiftly processed and sent to our promotion networks for real users to comment. Remember, we don't control these users. This is how we deliver real Instagram comments to boost your growth safely.

⚡️ All there is to know before buying Instagram comments 👀

Learn all there is to know about how buying Instagram comments will help you grow faster organically – and why SocialPlus is the best choice.

Why should I buy Instagram comments?

There are many benefits to buying comments and engagement for your posts. When you buy Instagram comments of the highest quality and relevance from SocialPlus, you are able to speed up your growth process and gain more organic engagement from your target audience.

Instagram’s algorithms will also be more likely to promote your posts to the right audience once it sees that you have credibility and popularity – helping you create a growth spiral. You can also buy Instagram likes of the highest quality in the market from SocialPlus.

✅ Do you have a free trial before I buy comments?

Yes, we actually do! This is probably not what you expected to hear, since most of our so-called competitors offer no free trials at all – it is actually quite rare in this industry.

SocialPlus, on the other hand, is confident in our quality and services. After all, we have years of experience and have delivered great results to our loyal customers.

All new eligible users can claim $5 free credits after signing up for free – no credit card needed.

Once you had a chance to try us risk-free, we look forward to welcoming you among one of our thousands of happy, repeat customers who see the value we provide and gladly pay.

👀 Will anyone know that I bought comments?

No – the only way that anyone will know is if you tell them yourself. The only information we need to provide comments of the highest quality is the link(s) to the posts that you would like to promote – no private Instagram account details such as your password are needed.

If you wanted to, you could even buy comments for your competitors. We only use the safest promotion methods – unlike most others.

As a friendly tip: If you ever come across a company requiring information, such as your private Instagram account details, you should avoid using them entirely.

Can I be banned for buying Instagram comments?

Not at all – when you buy Instagram comments and engagement from SocialPlus, we only use the safest and highest quality promotion methods, unlike most others.

It makes no sense for Instagram to ban or shadow-ban a profile for gaining engagement. If that were the case, everyone would simply be buying our services for their competitors to get rid of them. This will never happen.

We do not need your Instagram password – all we need to know is the link(s) to the posts that you like to promote. You can even buy comments for your competitors.

Are the comments relevant to my content?

Yes – we are one of the few who actually provide relevant comments from active accounts. As long as your content is not too generic, most of the comments you receive will have relevance to your content.

Keep in mind that we do not control the accounts, or what they comment – we only use the safest promotion methods.

Can I customize the Instagram comments?

We do currently not allow custom comments for Instagram. However, the comments you receive will have a high relevance to your content for the best results.

Can I split the comments to multiple posts?

Yes, you will not find many who support splitting comments to multiple posts – and even to different formats such as normal posts and videos – all in one order. When you buy comments from us, we have made it as straightforward and as fast as it can get.

💰 Is SocialPlus the cheapest on the market?

At SocialPlus we will never strive to be the cheapest option for buying Instagram comments as this typically indicates poor quality – and ultimately, poor results for whomever using such low-quality services.

Instead, we focus entirely on providing the highest quality services possible to competitive pricing. When you factor in the increased quality of our services, compared to the rest, our pricing remains very affordable.

To top it off, you will find a lot of growth tips and features on our platform that our competitors are nowhere near of matching. All of this provides you with the most value possible.

Do I still need to create quality content to grow?

Yes, creating valuable, high-quality content is still key if you are serious about your growth. If you create content that people want to engage with, you will see great results when buying comments and engagement.

Do you need my Instagram password?

No – there is no worrying about this when you buy Instagram comments from SocialPlus. We only use the safest promotion methods, and this rules out us needing to know your Instagram password. This is something you should never have to share with any third party.

All we need to know is the links to the posts that you would like to promote. Anyone can copy this on Instagram’s app by clicking on the three dots (menu) and then “Copy link”.

🎁 Do you offer discounts on larger orders?

When you buy Instagram comments and engagement from SocialPlus, we always have amazing deals applied to our packages by default. It is simple – the bigger a package you choose, the more you save.

All discounts are clearly visible to help you make the best decision for your budget. If you would like to place an order for comments that exceeds the volumes of our packages above, please contact us directly.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

You can buy Instagram comments with all the reputable and trusted debit- and credit cards like MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and others. SocialPlus have the fastest and most secure payment process in the market – enabling you to promote your posts hassle free.

Best of all – no sensitive financial information is entered on our site. Long-established and secure payment processors handle all payments.

We also accept cryptocurrency – in other words, you can buy Instagram comments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, and many others. You also earn a 5% bonus on all crypto payments (limited time offer).

What is your refund policy?

SocialPlus values customer satisfaction. This is why we have the most fair and generous refund policy on the market. To avoid any delivery issues before they happen, we will validate your links prior to ordering.

Our system automatically refunds orders to your SocialPlus account balance if your order information contains any errors, or is inaccessible.

In the rare scenario that we are unable to complete your order within our thirty-day money-back guarantee as specified in our terms of use, we will refund your order in full or partially to your SocialPlus account balance. All this allows you to quickly correct any potential issues and place a new order.

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