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Simply choose a package that suits your needs, the number of posts and enter the Instagram username. We will never ask for your password!

Important Update: Automatic Instagram Likes are currently unavailable after the recent Instagram Update, please consider using our Manual Instagram Likes. The quality is the same, you just need to place the order manually.

You will get 1000 free views on all video posts! Package expires when posts limit is reached or 30-45 days after creation (depends on posts).

How it works

You publish a new post

Once your subscription is set up and active, you can begin to publish new posts. Our system will automatically detect new posts within just a few minutes, or less.

Organic increase and random likes

You will receive the likes with an organic increase, and random number of likes based on your package so it looks natural.

See the progress

Once a new post is found, you will be able to track it on the dashboard as well as the number of likes being sent to it.

No hidden fees or surprises!

We all hate hidden fees or unexpected surprises! We will never bill you automatically. Instead, once the posts has been reached, you can re-enable it again. Cancel anytime you want!


Build authority much faster

To grow and gain more engaged followers, you need people to see your content. Think of it this way: Nobody wants to be one of the first to follow, or engage with someone new. Would you follow someone with 20 followers? Probably not. This is how buying followers and engagement helps you build authority, also known as social proof, which helps you grow faster.

Algorithms favor content with high engagement in feeds, searches and suggestions. Content with low engagement tends to be pushed down. This is how SocialPlus can help you boost impressions, and increase your chances of attracting more engaged followers.

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Is it safe to use?

Is it safe to use?

Yes! Our services are perfectly safe to use and do not put your account or content at risk. We will never ask for your login credentials to your social media accounts.

We only use the safest promotion methods — unlike many others. Anyone can use SocialPlus to buy high-quality promotions, even for others. This means that if action were taken you could in theory get anyone banned. You can learn more about keeping your account safe below.

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What makes us different

Choosing SocialPlus should be an easy choice. Our team has over 10 years of experience combined. We have been involved with Instagram ever since its launch back in 2011 and YouTube all the way back in 2010.

This means that we have an extensive understanding of how their algorithms have changed through the years and what it takes to rank and grow on these platforms today. To help you learn this as well, our experienced team has shared all their best practices to grow.

Growth courses
What makes us different

Increase your visibility

In order to grow on social media, you need people to see your content! This is where most fail, as everyone is competing for the same attention — meaning you need to be creative and create valuable content for your desired audience to stand out from the rest.

We understand the struggles of getting people to see your content as algorithms favor content with high engagement in feeds, searches and suggestions — content with low engagement gets pushed to the bottom for no one to see.

This is where SocialPlus can help you.

Kickstart your Organic Growth

Our affordable high-quality promotion networks for Instagram and YouTube allow you to gain more engagement and establish authority for your profile much faster. This can lead to more people seeing your content in feeds, searches, and suggestions — those organic impressions might convert to newly engaged followers.

We also strongly recommend reading our Growth Courses for YouTube and Instagram, as they provide a lot of valuable insights and best practices to help you grow faster.


How does having more likes help me?

Likes is an important engagement factor that will boost your credibility, and make it easier for you to attract new engaged followers, by ranking your posts higher in searches, and thereby increasing your organic visibility. Imagine that you just discovered an artist on Instagram, but the page has very low engagement. Without thinking about it, you will ask yourself “Why should I follow, or engage with this page, if nobody else does?”. On the other hand, if the page had high engagement you would not be as hesitant to engage with it also. This is how having more likes will help you grow faster.

Do you need my password?

Never! We will never ask for your login credentials to your social media accounts. This ensures that your account and content are safe – and with no risks of being banned. Unlike many others, we only use the safest promotion methods. Learn more

Will it also work for my old posts?

Unfortunately not. Our packages will only work for the posts that you publish after ordering the subscription. If you would like to boost your old posts, we recommend buying likes to them separately.

How fast is the delivery to each new post?

Once you publish a new post, our system will have to detect it first, before we can begin delivering the likes. This normally takes a few minutes.

Can my account get banned?

No, your account are not at risk of getting banned when you use our services! Unlike many others, we only use the safest promotion methods. We will never ask for your login credentials to your social media account! Be sure to familiarize yourself with which services are safe to use, and which are not, so we can help you keep your account safe. We have shared more information about this in the blog post below. Learn more

Why choose us?

Choosing us should be an easy choice. Our team consists of some of the best social media marketing experts, with more than 10 years experience. We have been involved with Instagram ever since its launch in 2011, and YouTube all the way back from 2010, so we know how to deliver real results to our customers. You can also read some of our Customer stories, if you are still not convinced.

How can this help my organic growth?

By using our service, you can increase your visibility on Instagram, and build a more trustworthy page that ranks your content higher in searches. This will send you more organic impressions, which can help you create an organic growth for your page. You can read more about why this works, in our tips to the left.

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