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What determines the delivery speed on a promotion network?

There are several elements that can influence the delivery speed of our individual promotion networks, some of which are beyond our control. All orders will continue to deliver until completed.

The following are the most essential:

  • High volume of orders in progress – if there is a high number of orders in progress for a specific service and promotion network, it can take longer for all orders to complete.
  • Lower network activity – the users who participate on our promotion networks have a life like the rest of us. This means that fluctuations in network activity varies depending on time of day, and other factors. In addition, if this coincides with higher volumes of orders, it can also play a role on how quickly orders complete.
  • Backlog – a backlog rarely occurs. When it does, it’s normally due to technical issues (either on our side, or sometimes even on Instagram or YouTube itself – yes it happens). This prevents orders from completing as normal, and creates a so-called backlog of orders waiting to complete for that specific service.
  • Promotion network limits – the number of likes, comments and follows you can receive for a certain post or profile is limited to the maximum number of active users on the particular promotion network. For example, if this is 25,000 and you order 10,000 likes, the number of users who can still like your post would be 15,000.

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