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What is a promotion network?

SocialPlus offers different promotion networks of the highest quality for each of our individual promotions such as likes, comments, followers, views and others.

For some of our services, you have multiple promotion networks to choose from – enabling you to choose preferences such as region, quality and delivery speed when possible, while others only have the default option. All of these work just as well for improving your brand awareness, and reach. However, we understand that our many loyal customers may have different needs, and this is how we accommodate that.

Simply select your preferred promotion network (if available) when placing an order, and it will be applied at checkout. Yes, it's that easy.

When you place an order with us, the people who participate in our promotion networks are the ones who like, follow, view, and comment. We have no control over these accounts or the actions they perform.

Furthermore, we are constantly strengthening and optimizing our promotion networks to ensure that only the highest quality profiles have access, resulting in the greatest possible results for you.

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